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Is there a Buteyko Breathing Course near you?

Breathingcoach is keen to promote better breathing in all parts of the country, especially areas where a breathing coach has not been recently or at all.  

To bring a course to your area could not be simpler.

  1. Contact Email: to let them know that you are interested in organising a course in your area.
  2. If you have a week in mind it would be useful to know the dates you had in mind
  3. Simply obtain a list of 20 people interested in attending a seminar
  4. Find 6-10 people committed enough to do a course.
  5. Email the contact details and we will then do the rest and fix up a week to come to your area!!
  6. If you are able to arrange 10 people then as a bonus will arrange for an additional person you would like to help to be taught for just £100 that is a saving of £260.

Get work in your area today.

We look forward to visiting you in the near future



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