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Practitioner Training

We need more people to help teach the breathing techniques. The more practitioners the more people are taught and the more likely the technique will get recognised.  

Interested in training to be a practitioner?Do you have a friendly, caring manner and interested in people? We would like to hear from you  

Level 1 This is a four week observation and trainning course for those who do not have any other complementary therapy or medical training. The training takes about a year to complete most of which is long distance learning. You will be required to attend four weeks training and be assessed at the end of your skills to ensure you have learning the techniques correctly and are a safe practitioner.  

Level 2 This is a two week observation and trainning course for those who have had complementary therapy training or a medical background. You will be expected to have an understanding of anatomy, physiology and business and marketing management.  

Advanced level This is four those who have completed either the level 1 or 2 and wish to develop more advance skills to be applied in sport enhancement.


For more info on practitioner training please contact us




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