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Breathing Shop

Welcome to the breathing shop. This is the place to look for additional tools and equipment to improve your breathing skills.


The Carbon Dioxide Syndrom Book  by Jennifer & Russell StarkThe Carbon Dioxide Syndrome giving you an understanding of the basis of the Buteyko Method, authors Russell and Jennifer Stark

Micropore tape

This is hypoallergic tape that is used as described on the course to help you sleep at night. Please always make sure that the correct tape is used to avoid a reaction.

Grey Sea Salt

There are many different types of sea salt on the market. The salt we recommend you use is unprocessed Grey Sea Salt. It is usually a grey colour as it contains all the naturally occurring trace elements and minerals that are important to keep you staying healthy. Sadly most modern processes removed these important trace elements and minerals as in table salt. This process leaves the salt a white clear colour.


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